NPP ITELMA employees played gigavolleyball

Employees of NPP ITELMA played gigavolleyball . The tournament was held at the Newton Sports CenterArena December 19th.

The game is an analogue of the usual volleyball, adapted for a corporate event. The main difference is the game projectile - in gigavolleyball a ball with a diameter of one and a half meters is used. The ball is served from the center of the field. Several people are involved in hitting the ball and throwing it over the net at once.

The event was timed to coincide with the celebration of the New Year, so the New Year's hat became an important detail of the participants' uniform. Judging was given to the Snow Maiden. Friendship won, as it happens in close-knit teams. In total, about 20 employees from different directorates of the company took part in the corporate game.

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