Surface Scan: Software and hardware complex for cargo volume control

Surface Scan is a certified, non-contact and fully automated complex for control of the volume of cargo in the back of dump trucks. Complex successfully used in control over the movement of construction waste, agricultural products, accounting for non-metallic minerals mined and exported from the facility. Real-time data is sent to the AiScan web portal (if Internet is provided) or to the local version of the software - LocalScan. Date and time of travel, number of the state registration plate, volume of cargo, photo and video recording - this is only a small part of the information that you receive, having a software and hardware complex for monitoring cargo volumes from Itelma.

The real benefits of using Surface Scan: Increased traffic and streamlined management. Automation of material acceptance. Simplify shipment management. No need for expensive installation and maintenance and of course EXACT data on the volume of cargo. In addition, one of the unique and available options is the automated detection of the type of cargo, which will further simplify your business process.

complex deployment
сan run on own
power supply
average error of volume measurement
complex operates at extreme temperatures

Surface Scan increases the profit and efficiency of your business, additionally contributing to environmental care. Integration with your ERP system is only a matter of a few days. The complex is easy to use, fast, accurate, safe and reliable. Equipped with an automatic monitoring system with more than 30 sensors. Proven as a reliable measuring instrument for more than 3 years of operation. Leave a request and we will be happy to tell you more!

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